Environmental Sampling

We have the experience & equipment to provide a large range of field services related to your sampling needs.

Geoprobe Direct push Sampling

Geoprobe 6011DT
Geoprobe 6620DT
Geoprobe Rig
Truck Mounted Geoprobe Rig
Limited Access Geoprobe Rig

We have a full line of geoprobe direct-push rigs to choose from:

  • 6011 Track-Mounted Rig

  • 6620 Track-Mounted Rig

  • 6622 Track-Mounted Rig

  • 5400 Truck-Mounted Rig

  • Limited-Access 540M Rig

Our fleet of Geoprobe rigs is one of the best maintained fleets around. We take great pride in our equipment; therefore, when we show up on your site, our rigs are clean, fully stocked, and well maintained. Also, our operators are always friendly, helpful, professional, and focused on working safely.

We also offer these additional Geoprobe Services:

  • Limited-access geoprobe sampling

  • Dual-tube soil sampling

  • Hydro punch sampling

  • Continuous-core sampling

  • Soil vapor probe sampling & installation

  • Small-diameter well installation

  • Pre-packed well installation

  • Small-diameter well vault installation

  • 100-foot pushing capacity

Hand Auger Sampling

Two workers using Hand Auger
Hand Auger being used in public garage

We have all of the experience and equipment to provide the following field services for your hand auger investigations:

  • Hand auger sampling in areas that are very difficult to access

  • Stock pile sampling

  • Excavation confirmation sampling

  • Concrete coring and cutting

  • Soil/vapor probe installation

  • Temporary well installation